Always Jonesing for a Good Book

Give me a reason to read
A devastating male lead
I want a heroine tough
Some action a wee bit rough

Genres? Tried pretty much all
Romance is my siren call
I hate drama and horror
One’s scary, one’s a borer

Romance sub-genres wide spread
Billionaires, bikers, undead
Historical and modern
They all seem to get a turn

Motorcycle gangs are fine
I love a bad boy; he’s mine
If he has a heart of gold
Totally, completely sold

Rock stars are my kryptonite
Guitars and pants they keep tight
I love their bands and their life
It’s all glamour, glitz and strife

Vampires, weres, witches are cool
Their strength, speed, skills all rule
The undead scene in the night
Just not too graphic, alright?

I hate excess violence
It makes me sick and too tense
An animal dies, I’m done
A happy ending is rule one

I prefer love and romance
That sweet, tense, intricate dance
Not too much angst or delay
They just cause stress and dismay

I want a book I can’t drop
One that consumes me full stop
That kind are seldom and rare
Is there one like that out there?

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Our Love

ringsOur love sometimes seems so unreal

Especially the way you make me feel

Coming up on twenty-seven years

Good love is harder than it appears

We work hard to stay together

There are storms we’ve had to weather

Distance love is not for the weak

Nor is it for the timid or the meek

Your voice on the phone is what I crave

Whenever I feel lost or less than brave

I’ve cried my share of lonely tears

But I know you suffer the same fears

Hard to believe we’ve been “us” for so long

And the passion and love is still so strong

You’d like me to come out in the truck

But I don’t have the wanderlust or pluck

So I keep the home fires burning

While you keep the truck wheels turning

Some day soon we will be in the same place

And I again get to see your sweet face

For more than a night or two at a time

And my happiness will be sublime



Two friends enjoying a snack

I’m with you; I’ve got your back

Early morning, nice and cool

Take your time, friend; please don’t drool

We eat the nuts, one by one 

Eat the nuts until they’re done

Plenty here so we can share

Peanut oil it shines my hair

Matching bookends, here we are

Squirrelly sharing, sets the bar

Our day starts great, we are full

Breakfast’s over; that’s no bull

A House But No Longer My Home

My hubby took a photograph of my Mom’s house today. She’s been gone 10 years this year. I lived in that house for the first 30 years of my life. I sit here, sobbing as I write this. I miss her. She made that messy little house a home. It no longer has her heart so all it says to me now is house. Someone else’s house.

This is how it looks today:

This is how I remember it, including the explosion of flowers in the side yard:

Where have the years gone, my sweet Mom?

Just saw a picture of our place

Different appearance wrecked my calm

Did not recognize its false face


Not my home for twenty-six years

Broke my heart to see trees chopped down

No longer MY house it appears

Flowers gone too, just the bare ground


Made me so sad to see the change

Wish I could have it like it was

Why would someone make it so strange

It looks so barren, yes it does


Our home lives on in my mind’s eye

That’s the only place it exists

Look at the change and wonder why

Feeling of loss it still persists