If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, I’d catch you up on how I’m feeling. Some days I’m really good, other days I do fine until the first stomachache hits. Diverticulitis sucks, and I’m not kidding. It sucks the life right out of you and makes you dependent upon having a restroom nearby, not to mention an understanding family while you moan and groan in pain until the latest bout passes. I was on two antibiotics and had to come off of one of them. The levofloxacin was affecting my joints and tendons. I could hardly move. I was so stiff and so sore I could barely walk. I felt 88 instead of 58. I called the doctor after seven days on it; I just couldn’t stand it any longer because it got a bit worse with each passing day. The day after I stopped it, the pain had receded but I was still stiff. Today I’m more myself. I can at least move around (I even did a bit of dancing). I’m still not eating very well (I’m afraid to as most things don’t stick around long). I’m down twelve pounds in a month.

I saw the primary care doctor yesterday; actually I saw my son’s doctor – what a nice man. He went over the results of my CT scan, and since (in addition to the acute diverticulitis) they also found two non-specific “bone islands”, they are obligated to follow up on them. I have to have a nuclear medicine bone scan (they’ll inject me with radioactive material to see if those bone islands are actively growing). If they are, I’ll need a bone biopsy to see just what they are. Chances are more likely that they are nothing, but they have to test and make sure. They are two very small spots – one of the top of my right thigh bone and one on my left pelvis bone. I had my flu shot while I was there, and my blood pressure was “textbook perfect”.

I’m working hard on getting healthy again. I’ve been passing my time quietly, trying to rest and get well. I’ve done quite a bit of reading. I cracked myself up the other day. I’ve definitely become a Kindle convert. I had a novel in paperback that I wanted to read so I picked that up instead of ordering the eBook version. I found myself doing the stupidest thing – tapping the page instead of turning it when I finished reading the page. I’m so used to doing that on the electronic reader that turning a paper page has become foreign to me.

I also finally gave in to temptation and got a new iPhone. Yes, I know Apple is rumored to release the iPhone 8 soon, but I also did some research and discovered that new model because it’s going to rely on Samsung’s screen technology is going to cost $1,000. That’s too rich for my blood just now. I’ll wait until the prices come down in a year or two. I’ve had an iPhone 6s for three months short of two years. It was a great little phone. I didn’t go for the Plus version when I bought it because I didn’t want the big phone. I gave in yesterday and got an iPhone 7 Plus. I love Apple and how seamless they make switching devices. Everything was backed up to the iCloud. I only lost a few text messages that I sent/received during the day yesterday. Everything else downloaded just fine – the screens were even set up just as they had been on my old phone. With Apple, all you have to do is go into each app, log back in, and you’re up and running. I only had two apps I had to delete and reinstall – WordPress and the Nokia Health Mate app. I also had to reinstall my iWatch, but that downloaded just fine from the backup from the day before. So far, so good with the phone. The size difference will take a little time to get used to; it may no longer fit in my pockets. It doesn’t fit into the cup holder in my car. It’s slightly bigger than my husband’s Droid phone. The graphics/screen are amazing, so much brighter than the 6 was.

I’ll close with a couple of squirrelly photos I took with the new phone. They’re not too bad considering I took them through a screen.

Coffee and book images courtesy of Pinterest


Diagnosis And Randomness

Still in pursuit of answers, I went for an upper endoscopy this past Monday. That went off as planned. I fasted from midnight the night before, and the test was at 11:30. My dear hubby took me. I was groggier this time; I even had to hitch a wheelchair ride out to the car. The upper endoscopy showed mild gastritis. No results yet on the biopsies he took. 

I went yesterday for the last test my doctor wanted me to have, a CAT scan. That was more of a hassle than anything else. I had to go to Highland Hospital, a place I’d never been. I didn’t even know where it was! I had to fast from 10:00 a.m.  The test was scheduled for 2:00. They didn’t do the scan until 4:10. I sat in the waiting room for over an hour!  Once called in, I had to drink six 8-ounce cups of a sorbitol solution over an hour, and then wait 30 minutes. The scan and contrast dye injection were the easy part. Drinking all that liquid is nauseating. 

I now have quite the collection of doctor/hospital wristbands. Too bad they’re not worth anything!

The doctor called today with my CAT scan results already. I have acute diverticulitis. Ouch. I’m relieved I now know why I’ve been so sick. I’m on two antibiotics, a difficult task since I’m allergic to penicillin and sulfa, and many other medications bother me. 

August has truly been the month from hell for me. In three weeks I’ve had an ER visit, a colonoscopy, an upper endoscopy, and a CAT scan. I’ve lost ten pounds, and I’ve missed five days of work. I’m eager to feel well again. I’m hopeful it’ll happen soon. 

On a happier note, here’s some cute bird feeder photos of my chubby woodchuck and his friends, the blue jay, the squirrel, and assorted sparrows. 

I’ve also got Chase, my faceplant kitty with his face pressed into the loveseat armrest. 

I took a short walk today and photographed a planter downtown. 

And my perennial favorite, the back door of the long-since closed Chinese restaurant with its “NO PRAKING” sign. 


A Hoppy Tail

Commander Bun-Bun and Earl the Squirrel met every morning at the tree in front of the gray house to share a kernel of corn and a sunflower seed or two. They’d been meeting every day, and although they each thought the other looked a bit strange, they’d gotten used to one another and didn’t mind the company. The squirrel was good at knowing when the truly good stuff had been put out, and his presence always meant that it was time to put the feedbag on. The rabbit was good at sensing danger. One sweep of his gigantic, twitchy ears, and he instantly knew if that darned black and white cat, the evil hawk or the rowdy brats from across the street were approaching. When he gave the signal, they both ran for cover.

Breakfast went on as usual, with the occasional mumbled comment about happenings in the neighborhood. Other than the new bluejay offspring which everyone already knew about because of their horrendous squawking and screeching when they wanted to be fed, there wasn’t much new going on. All was well. When Earl received a message from his sister, Pearl, that his wife was looking for him, he said his goodbyes and scampered off. Bun-Bun, who secretly envied Earl’s domestic bliss, ate quietly by himself for several minutes. He was concentrating on the seed when he suddenly heard soft footfalls in front of him.

Who was this creature? Could it be? Why, yes, it was a female rabbit. “Um, hi, hello? I’m Commander Bun-Bun,” he addressed the vision in loveliness in front of him. He was almost afraid to blink she was so beautiful. Her coat was glossy, her black eyes shiny, her gaze direct, her whiskers softly twitching, and her ears turned with just the sweetest curve.

“Hi, yourself,” she said. “My name is Hope, but everyone calls me Hoppy. Is this seed for everyone?”

“Yes, yes, it is,” he said, hardly daring to believe his good luck. She wanted to eat with him!

They ate in companionable silence, and slowly but surely, she crept closer.

‘Oh, my Gosh!’ thought Commander Bun-Bun.

She stretched closer, her whiskers twitching in that cute way that made Bun-Bun’s tummy feel all queer and twirly.

Just when it seemed like she was really going to kiss him, he panicked. Was his breath fresh enough? What if he tried to kiss her back, and he missed? Oh, no!!!!!

He was just too excited to stand still. He took off in a wild spin around the tree. He ran faster than he’d ever run before! He dashed a mad dash around and around. As he sped around, he could hear soft chuckles and snickers. She… she was laughing! She thought he was cute, too!

He screeched to a halt, near to his original spot.

“Hey, how you doin’?” he asked, in his best cool bunny voice, trying not to breathe too heavily and trying to appear much calmer than he felt inside. His nose twitched in excitement.

“Ah, Bun-Bun,” she sighed, twitching her nose back at him. “Would you teach me how to dash like that? You have some mad skills. Maybe when we’re through, you could walk me home? And maybe when we get to my door, I might try to kiss you again, and maybe you’ll stand still this time.”

Bun-Bun blushed, not believing his good fortune. He couldn’t wait to tell Earl.