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I’m still home. Hubby and I are spending a quiet morning together. I had planned to return to work today, but paperwork is holding me up.

So that I could get paid, my employer put me on disability. Five days in the hospital seemed to qualify as disability to me and to my employer. Now if we could just get the Doctor’s assistance, I’d be all set.

I called my Doctor this morning, and they have no idea what I’m talking about. My employer faxed the forms to him last week while I was still in the hospital. The Doctor said they have nothing; no forms. If I had known this last week when I was at the Doctor’s office, I could have asked.

So now I wait while work contacts the Doctor’s office to ask, and Doctor prepares and provides a note saying I’m good to go. I was told to sit tight, and HR will call me later this afternoon.

Sounds like another day off for me. Oh, well.

2017 – Not a Good Year (so far)


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One of my squirrel friends this morning, sniffing a peanut I had just tossed out. He has nothing to do with this post. I just thought he was cute.

In my family, usually when we arrive at year-end, we tend to look back on the year that has passed and ask whether or not we are sad to see it go or glad that it is finally over.  So far, for me personally, 2017 has been a “stinker” of a year. I will be ecstatic to see it end.

April was particularly bad. March wasn’t that great either. I visited the Dentist early in the year for a cleaning, and I was told that the one tooth I had that was mostly filling and little tooth finally had deteriorated to the point that I had to deal with it. It needed to be crowned.  The first crown appointment was scheduled for March, and when I arrived and told the dentist that the tooth was hot and cold sensitive and generally a huge, aching pain in the ass, he said I needed a root canal. Getting in to see a specialist that didn’t demand thousands of dollars up front even though my insurance eventually covered the procedure in full proved to be a hassle. I did end up with a wonderful endodontist who made the root canal procedure simple and easy. The end result was a crowned tooth that no longer bothers me.

Six days after the root canal procedure I had my car accident. Actually, it was the little, old lady driving into me incident. I was minding my own business, mostly past her on her left, when she decided to drive into my rear passenger side door. That little fiasco ended up with me having to repair my car and replace a door, and while I wasn’t ticketed, I was listed by the police officer as a “contributing factor”. Why? Because she couldn’t stay in her own lane and decided to share mine? 

My poor baby (in April)

June brought me a jury duty summons for three months of Federal Jury duty service from mid-July to mid-October. I got out of it until September when I was called to appear. I then got excused when I showed them my doctor’s note asking to be excused for health reasons.

Which brings me to August and September. Anyone who follows me knows what happened in August. I ended up in the Emergency Room on August 16.  I had a colonoscopy on August 25. I had an upper endoscopy on August 28. I had a CT scan on August 30. I had a repeat CT scan on September 22. I was admitted to the hospital and spent five nights there from September 22 to September 27. All of this was thanks to diverticulitis.  I am on disability at the moment, and I have paperwork that needs to be completed and signed by the doctor before I can return to work.  I saw both my gastroenterologist and my primary doctor this week. I am on a low fiber, low residue and lactose free diet. Go ahead and Google that. There’s not much I can eat right now. I have been told that diverticulitis messes with IBS big-time, and it may be months before I am back to normal (for me).

Me, tucked comfortably into my hospital bed, with my best friend, the combination remote control-light switch-nurse call button on my shoulder

Unless I win the lottery in October and really, really great things start happening in November and December, I can safely say that 2017 sucked big-time. I will be more than excited to kick it out the door on December 31st. I am also hoping that by year end I will feel more like myself again. Fingers crossed, guys.

Back Where I Belong


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Chase and Ginny would like me to tell you that they are both glad I am back home. Thank you, everyone, for your support and well wishes. Your daily comments kept me smiling during my five nights stay at the Hilton… um, I mean… at Highland Hospital.

I’m home until Monday. I see my Gastroenterologist today and my primary care doctor tomorrow. I lost four more pounds while in the hospital. That’s the benefits of a clear liquid diet with no nutritional benefits, I guess. I’m down 19.4 pounds since July. I’m looking forward to stopping this downward slide, even if I did need to lose it.

Donna Reads: A Sky Full of Stars (The Shaughnessy Brothers #5) by Samantha Chase


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90648AA7-C810-406C-B2AD-5DC60989AB8ADr. Owen Shaughnessy, a renowned astrophysicist, is brilliant in his field, but he suffers from poor social skills. He thinks that he’s awkward with people because he was bullied in school and teased by his siblings.

Brooke Matthews was groomed by her overbearing mother to be a model. Brooke was catty and mean in high school. Her brilliant brother committed suicide. She has left her parents’ influence and has gone to live with her widowed uncle, a colleague of Owen’s. Brooke paints pictures of the night sky, and her uncle thinks she’d make a good assistant to Owen.

This was a decent love story about an awkward guy meeting and falling for a woman he thinks is out of his league. She thinks she’s not bright enough for him and doesn’t think he’s awkward at all. It was cute and extremely G-rated. I was drawn to it because of the autistic qualities that the hero possessed (I have an autistic son). It was billed as an “opposites attract” romance, and I think that was an inaccurate label.

I do think that too much was made of Brooke having once been a “mean girl”. Everyone grows up. His family’s reaction when they met her was stupid. They were all askance thinking she was going to use Owen and hurt him based only on her physical appearance. She was too pretty (insert eye roll here) so she couldn’t want a geek like Owen.

I thought more would be made of Brooke’s controlling mother and her reaction to Owen. The mother (and father) had tried to influence every aspect of Brooke’s life, yet when they met Owen, there was nothing. No dialogue, no reaction, no comment, nothing. I thought they’d try to break things up because they hadn’t chosen him for her. Why make her parents so horrible in the past and so unnecessary to the story in the present? That made no sense to me.

I did like this book enough to download the rest of the series, and I’ve started the first one.

Goodreads rating – 4 of 5 stars