When You Just Can’t Read It

I spoke about uniqueness and how I applaud differences. Unfortunately, even I have my limits. Another reason why I backed out of a cover-reveal posting for a new rom-com novel was the subject matter of the book. I’m not even sure I’ll finish the ARC.

Without giving away any details, it was too raw for me. The subject matter of the blurb made me uncomfortable. The book itself makes me uncomfortable. I’m not seeing the comedy here. I read sexy romances, yes. I am not a prude. Raw language does not bother me. I’ve been married almost 28 years. I’ve pretty much seen it all and done it all.

The blurb for this book takes it too far. I couldn’t in good conscience post it on my blog. I didn’t want it on there. I could post a review if I were to finish reading the book, but I would say it differently. I’d dance around the obvious so I wouldn’t offend. But having to post the too graphic, too obnoxious blurb as I was asked wasn’t my cup of coffee (I hate tea). I just couldn’t do it.

I’m really struggling with reading this book. I just cannot get on board with things one of the main character is doing. I haven’t gotten far enough yet to decipher the real reason behind why this character does what they do. I’m not certain I want to go far enough to find out. I think I have to set it aside.

I can’t understand what makes this character heroic or worthy of the other main character’s love and affection. I, personally, would run the other way. It’s just squirm-worthy. I can forgive main characters for most things (as long as they redeem themselves eventually). What’s going on in this one, though, does not make me want to finish it.

Yeah, this one might be a DNF at 17%. Oh, well, that’s still 1% farther than I read Fifty Shades. So the question now is, do I post an honest review and say what I said above – that I couldn’t finish it because it made me uncomfortable, or do I just skip it?

Image courtesy of Pinterest