Halloween – Times Have Changed

Halloween 1995-2

When kids were small and costumes were cool

They sometimes liked to dress up for school

The small ones had a costume parade

To showcase bought and often homemade

As kids grew up it becomes less fun

They quit trick or treating one by one

No one wanted to answer the door

And find a visitor six foot four

The delinquents live to terrorize

And intimidate with their sheer size

So off the lights go, the door gets locked

The bell is broken, the door gets knocked

Go away! There’s no one here inside

Just us cats and their owners who hide

Yes, we’ve become those people who fear

The old, the disinterested, the queer

Today it’s safer to just stay hid

Too many strangers, who is that kid?

They drive them here from farther away

Halloween, I used to love that day