Garden Verse

There once was a squirrel named Sera

With nuts she did not want to share-a

IMG_1689The grackle watched with a jaundiced eye

He was wary and wanted to fly

IMG_1685He sees a psychedelic chipmunk

Whose colors are garish and show spunk

moving too fast to be "caught"

The blue jay was cranky and bossy

He got miffed the grackle’s so glossy

IMG_1674The cardinal said stop being mad

With all this bounty you should be glad

IMG_1686Sera’s cousin is Ruby the Red

Her coat is glorious; she’s well-fed

IMG_1682The mourning dove, that peace-loving soul

She’s timid, sweet and calm on the whole


They all live near the little gray house

Near the lady, her sons and her spouse