Donna Reads: Dark Mysteries by Jessica Gadziala

A34FDAAD-4F3C-4345-BCE9-05394FDE0A603 of 5 Goodreads stars. I read the first 50-60% word for word, and then I skimmed the last 40-50%. When the bad guy(s) caught up with the heroine again and captured and tortured her, I just wasn’t interested in reading every word. I was hoping for something less predictable.

I really liked the hero, and I respected the idea that the heroine had gotten away and ran. She got training in self-defense, but she was still a target and was always going to be caught. I wondered about the abusive drug lord ex-boyfriend. He couldn’t have been very good at his “job” if he spent 4-5 years chasing one woman. Also the hero’s bail bondsman best friend? Every time he tried to sneak up on someone around the heroine, she attacked him AND got the best of him. It doesn’t sound like he’d be very good at his “job” either. Yet the heroine is easily caught and subdued by the bad guys. I found that to be inconsistent.

I must admit that the abused heroine type of romance novel isn’t really my favorite genre although I have enjoyed other books by this author.

UPDATE: I did go back and finish the book and read it more thoroughly (I still skipped the torture parts), and I admit I liked it better.