Life Experiences

I was inspired by Suzie’s post yesterday about life experiences. You can see her original posting here –

I have not been to any of the exotic places she mentions in her post. In fact, I haven’t been anywhere much at all (parts of the United States and Canada). I am not much of a traveler. My life experiences are more basic in nature. Some of you might say they are boring, but I feel very blessed to have experienced them all. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Receiving my first college degree at age 55 and graduating with the highest honors. Walking across that stage 37 years after I graduated from High School was just as exciting as it would have been at age 20. In fact, I am glad that I waited so long. It meant more to me.
  1. Marrying the love of my life on a cold, rainy November day 25 years ago. 25 years this year, people. In today’s world where some marriages don’t even last 25 weeks, 25 years is a big deal. We’ve been through a lot together, but who hasn’t in 25 years’ time? Walking down that aisle I felt such calm and peace come over me. I wasn’t nervous at all. My brother (who gave me away since my Dad had died two years before I got married) was shaking life a leaf. I had no fears or concerns. It felt right (and it was).


  1. Giving birth not once but twice. I felt the miracle of life twice, and I knew such joy when I heard those first cries. When son # 1 arrived, I was the one who announced, “it’s a boy!” When son # 2 came along, we knew ahead of time that he was a “he”. I had had amniocentesis because at age 36 the doctor declared I was at “advanced maternal age” and he suggested I have testing beforehand to make sure all was well. I would develop pregnancy-induced hypertension with son # 2 and end up out of work 7 weeks before my due date. My delivery with son # 2 was also more difficult (for both me and for the baby). I was not aware of the distress that the baby was under, but Hubby was. He could see the baby’s heart rate monitor; I was blissfully unaware. The doctor would end up using vacuum extraction to coax son # 2 into the world. Today, I am so proud of the handsome young men who call me “Mom”. I couldn’t have asked for better sons. babies
  1. Learning to drive and passing my driving test on the very first try. I learned to drive in a 1976 Oldsmobile Delta ’88 Royale. It was my Father’s car, and it was a boat. I remember the first time my Mom let me drive it on a country road and her cringing when she thought I was too close to the mailboxes on the passenger’s side. I did not take my test in that car. At age 21 I bought my first car – a small hatchback – a 1979 American Motors Spirit. That car was so easy to drive and maneuver.

spirit5.  Spending all major holidays and important celebrations when I was a child with my extended family – parents, brother, grandparents, cousins and aunt. Some of my happiest memories are of those family gatherings and all of us seated around the same table. We didn’t have a lot, but we had each other, and we always celebrated together. We took vacations together, too. We spent summers camping in the Thousand Islands so my Dad and Grandfather could go fishing. I miss so many of them now. Death or distance separates us.


  1. Having two loving, supportive parents. My folks were always there for me. When I think of my childhood or childhood home, I see my parents. My Mom working in the yard, baking in the kitchen or sitting in her chair, reading. My Dad cutting the grass, painting the house, working on the car, napping in his recliner. My dad worked hard and was home every night. My mom was a stay at home mom who greeted me with a smile every day when I came home from school or work. They were my biggest supporters, and I never felt unloved.

mom-dadWhen I married, I gained a second set of parents.  My in-laws were nothing but supportive.  When we started out, they were always there to lend a hand.  When son # 1 was a baby, Grandma and Grandpa did daycare duties.  I can still see Dad sitting in his chair with my son, patiently reading the same Sesame Street books over and over again.  I remember one book in particular (Big Bird looking for something red). My son started Kindergarten already knowing how to read. When we bought our house, they were there to help us get settled. Over the years they were always there.

mom-dadflorack7.  All the time I spent with my cousin while growing up. We were inseparable. My parents called her “our second daughter”. She spent lots of time at our house. We laughed at the same things. During the summers we’d ride our bikes “to meet each other”, and then we’d either ride back to my house to hang out or ride on to my Grandmother’s house to hang out. It was hard losing her daily presence in my life when she moved from New York State to Texas. Her half of the family went to Texas in the mid 80’s. She’s now in Michigan (having met her Michigan-born husband in Texas). She’s closer but still too far away to see often. We still enjoy each other’s company, and when we do talk it’s as if we’d never been apart. We still laugh at the same things.


  1. Stolen moments with my trucker husband. He’s only home 34 hours each week. We have to make the most of what we have. We usually try to have a meal out together if we can. It’s nice to go on dates even if it’s just out for a burger or a coffee. If we can’t manage that, we snuggle up together and watch old re-runs on TV.

I would not have had the memories or the life experiences that I have had without the fantastic, loving and supportive family that I have. Family is everything to me.

Wish I Had Known!

Onwards and upwards to a Bachelor’s degree is next for me.  At least that’s the plan. I’ve decided to continue on with my education.  I’m hoping to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Web Development online from a private college in Ohio. I was 98% registered and put it on hold so I could finish up my Associate’s degree.

Well, it turns out that I didn’t need to take that Math placement test before I could register for ANY courses at the new school.  I just need to have it out of the way before I take any further MATH classes.  Ugh!  I wish I’d known that.  If I’d known, I’d likely be starting classes again on Monday.  So I’ll now have a month (6 weeks) off.

I will likely start on February 17th if all goes well with Financial Aid (fingers crossed), and hopefully I’ll have that Math exam out of the way by then.  I’ve been taking practice Math tests, and while I don’t arrive at the answer in the same manner that they show in the examples, I do arrive at the correct answer. I took my first practice test this morning, and I got an 87%.  I had two answers wrong.  Not bad.

sydney1The weather is horrible here.  It’s snowing (we’re expecting maybe a foot of snow) and bitterly cold (15 degrees, feels like -6 degrees).  I’m glad I have today and tomorrow off, and I’m going nowhere.  It’s so cold here that my friend, Sydney, the mourning dove was waiting for me on the railing this morning.  I’m not sure where Sera has been – probably curled up in a ball in her den, sleeping and staying warm until the snow stops.

Stay warm, everyone!

Bragging Rights

I am well and truly done now.  The final grades are in, and I’m over the moon with excitement.

My grade on my 11-page website is a 91%. That was a complicated and difficult project that I worked on for 6 weeks.  I tried hard to make my website perfect, but it had a few flaws that I couldn’t quite iron out. The required elements were all there – they just weren’t perfect.

My grade on my 32-page Marketing Plan is 100%. That plan consisted of seven different assignments – four from this course and three from a previous course.  We had to knit them all together into a cohesive plan.

My final grade in the Capstone course itself is a 95.86%. The Capstone course is Bryant & Stratton’s version of an internship program for online students.  I have never had a course with so many assignments due each week. It was a challenge to keep up and get them all submitted on time. In addition to all those detailed and challenging assignments, we worked on our website in the background – doing a little bit at a time when we had the time so that it would be ready at the end of the class.

So when it’s all said and done – that’s all straight A’s – every class in the associate’s degree program.  I took a total of 21 classes over three years (I had one class in Medical Terminology before I switched degree programs – I got an A in that class, too, even though I hated it!).4.0 GPA – all A’s. Is that summa cum laude?

I have been told by my mother-in-law and by my husband that my parents would be very proud.  My Mom has been gone for 8 years, and my Dad has been gone for 26 years.  I am not sure they would understand why I went back to school so late in life, but I do think they are smiling down on me from somewhere. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Still Occupied

I have three weeks to go before I am done with school. I am still working hard on trying to put together the final project I need for graduation.

When I began this class, there was a fellow student who introduced herself by saying that this was her second time through the class.  She failed the first time because it was such a challenge.  There was also a male student who I have had classes with many times over the past three years.  He was posting along with everyone else when the class began, and then he started to fall behind. His posts got later and later.  He disappeared sometime during the killer week that was so difficult and so full of homework.  He is no longer participating in the discussions. I suspect he will be taking the class again next semester.  He will have to if he wants to graduate.

I am posting a “sketch” here of my very, very rough draft.  It’s a work in progress.  I have the logo drawn that I wanted to create.  I think I have my colors set – I haven’t used blue in any of my past projects so I thought I’d use it for the portfolio website.  I still have to figure out how to get the “windows” of my work to sit where they are supposed to on the screen.  They are supposed to sit in a grid or table-like structure.  There are eight of them on the main page. As you can see, they are all over the place.  I’m pleased that I got them all on there.  Now I just have to work to get them lined up properly.  From there, I have to create other pages.  When you click on each image, it will take you to another page of the website that will explain that project in greater detail.  I can also see that I’m missing the rounded edge of the border on the right hand side of my background which tells me my page is too wide.  I’ll have to fix that, too.  I have a lot of work in front of me.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!