Donna Reads: Friction by Emily Snow

frictionI was a little disappointed with this one. Lucy Williams is having a rough life. Her ex-husband has worked her over big-time, and she’s had to go home to live with her mother. Her ex is still making her life miserable, threatening to sue her and as her ex-boss, he’s also blocked her from finding any decent jobs. She finds work with Jace Exley, an ex-classmate from High School. He’s a bit of a jerk, too. His business sells a line of “adult” supplies, and I thought the way he introduced her to what he did was particularly insensitive and childish. After he found out what she’d been through in the years since school, he could at least have apologized for being a complete ass.

I also wanted Lucy to get even with her ex. When she finally is forced to confront that creep and the further damage he causes in her life, I wanted her to really get even with him. He still manipulates her and pushes her (and her mother) around. I had hoped the hero would punch him, but that didn’t happen. I was waiting for Lucy to knee the ex in the crotch; I would even have been satisfied with her mother going after him, but sadly that didn’t happen either. I guess I’m too bloodthirsty, but I thought the ex-husband deserved some sort of comeuppance, and he doesn’t really get it, not the way he deserved it.