Saturday, Cats, Haiku

I don’t often get to sleep in.  It’s either off to work or off to pick up Hubby.  I get grumpy when I don’t get a day every so often to just sleep as long as I want to.  Chase had other ideas this morning.  He walked on me, he marched on me, he put his whiskers all over my face, and then he started biting me (just hard enough to get my attention).  I forgive him because he’s a Diabetic, and maybe his blood sugar is low (but then again, maybe he’s just a pain in the butt!).  He inspired a few Haiku poems:


weekend I can sleep
not possible with a cat
walking on my hair

cats don’t understand
all the days the same to them
5:15 get up

kitty will snuggle
if it has desired results
you get up to serve