What is A Mother?

I was going to write a grand essay about the definition of “Mother” and what that means to me. Instead I will post photos of the wonderful mothers I have known in my lifetime. I also include photos of myself and my own two bundles of joy.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Time for Me

I have trouble with holidays. I know – it’s my issue, and I’m trying to work through it. No matter how many times I remind myself to live in the present, it’s very hard not to live in the past. I had a very good upbringing. No, we weren’t wealthy, but we had each other. For a very quiet, shy and private person, my Mother was the center of it all. She hated people and social situations, but she loved her family. And, no, she wasn’t perfect either. I remember my Dad saying, “Happy Mother’s day” to her when I was kid, and she said, “I’m not your Mother.” She was weird with holidays, too. At least I know where I got it from.

I had a nice Mother’s Day morning yesterday with my boys and Hubby, and then Hubby left again for the road. The boys dropped him off and then went train-watching. I had the day mostly to myself. I planted the azaleas the boys got me, I gave myself a manicure and I read a book. Perhaps that was part of my “gift” for the day – time to myself. It was nice.

Note “hole” in the mulch in the foreground – the squirrels have been digging this morning.


Mother’s Day

crossword_puzzle_2009This will be my ninth Mother’s Day without my Mom.  She died in March, 2005.  It’s hard to believe she’s been gone so long.  I can still hear her voice and smell her perfume, and I remember how soft her skin was.  I always thought of her as more of a friend than my mother. I can remember as a small child curling up on the arm of her chair beside her while she worked a crossword puzzle.  I can still smell the pencil.

My Mom was a gentle, quiet person who was extremely shy and preferred her own four walls above any place else. She was content being a homebody.  She was a housewife, and that was fine with her.  She worked in the 1940’s for Bausch and Lomb, inspecting nose pieces for eyeglasses.  I found out from my Aunt after my Mom died that my Mom could not wait to quit working after she got married.  I never knew that.  I am very much like her in personality.  I also am quiet and reserved and would rather be home than anywhere else.

book-stackShe loved books and reading.  She passed on her love of books to me.  I collect them and spend most of my spare time with my nose stuck in a book.

Mom working in her garden, 1969

She enjoyed gardening, and our yard was always so beautiful. She also filled the inside of the house with houseplants.  The gardening gene was also passed along to me.  In recent years, I have discovered how very much I like digging in the yard and watching things grow.

bakingShe was a good cook.  I remember pot roasts, pork roasts, fried chicken, turkey, swiss steak, stew, meatballs – the meat was all so tender that it would melt in your mouth.  She was a wonderful baker – cookies, pies, cakes, breads, homemade candy, fudge.  I have tried many times to duplicate the things she made, and I cannot even come close.  I enjoy baking but I don’t quite have the touch that she did.

monty-pythonWe watched many a television show together in the evening (after dinner and after homework was done).  She is the one who introduced me to Monty Python and other British comedies.  Underneath her shy and quiet demeanor, my Mom had a pretty wild sense of humor. I, too, prefer watching something humorous over anything else. If it makes me laugh out loud, I am there.

Ginger5-11-13My Mom also loved animals.  We had several fish tanks in the house.  We also had several caged birds, and we had several dogs while I was growing up, too. I love animals, too, and feel like I have become the crazy cat lady. As I type this, Ginger occupies my lap.

The best tribute I have to you, Mom, is me. I am like you in so many ways, and that makes me smile.  You were a wonderful person and the best Mother.

Happy Mother’s day, Mommy, dear. I miss you.