Cat Chronicles: Day One

My newest pastime seems to be keeping a running commentary going on Facebook about our newest family members, Meg and Dash (mother and son). I decided to share those highlights here as well. Patience as I catch up.

Saturday, June 1st, their first half of a day with us, went pretty much as expected. Since my 1,000 square foot house is short on space and spare rooms, they were sequestered in the bathroom and spent their first night there.


A kitty cat’s love
It fits like a glove
Don’t frighten away
This former lost stray
A lap-warmer friend
My ills she does mend
She cuddles at night
Rarely out of sight
Follows me around
Nonchalant when found
Fierce at times that’s true
Most of it’s bluff, too
She loves us all here
With us there’s no fear
She’s found her last home
Now has her own poem