I Miss You

I miss you the most during the quiet times. When I lie awake at night, unable to sleep, I need you beside me. When I wake, scared from a bad dream or a thunder’s rumble, I need you to comfort me. When I am tired at the end of the day, I need you to talk with to review the day’s successes and failures. When I sit and eat my meals, it’s your face I need to see across the table from me, your eyes I need looking back at me. When I sit, reading, it’s your quiet presence I need nearby on the couch beside me. When I write or work on the computer, I need to know you’re under the same roof, safe and happy at home. When I struggle with decisions and responsibilities, it’s you I need with me to make the hard and the scary manageable. When I feel lost and alone, it’s your arms I need around me, your kiss I need to soothe me. I miss you the most during the quiet times. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, my Love

valentineAlthough we spend week days apart

You remain foremost in my heart

Hearing your voice makes me happy

And I don’t care if that’s sappy

Some hate February 14

They might be lonely, sad or mean

If they knew true love like we do

They would not feel annoyed or blue

Perhaps they’ve lost a dear loved one

Or their romance has not begun

If they knew love and were parted

Then they could be broken hearted

Making our distance seem shorter

Is hard and it’s a tall order

We cherish the time that we get

And proceed from when we last met

We cuddle, we talk and relax

And enjoy our days to the max

For jobs and distance come again

And we will part and dream of when

We can hug tight and rise above

Happy Valentine’s day, my love

Image from Pinterest