Donna Reads: Accidental Protector (Marriage Mistake) by Nicole Snow

Mindy Austin has finally dumped her cheating fiancé and left her parents’ home in Arizona for a much-needed break in Reno, Nevada.  She doesn’t expect to wake up in bed beside a stranger. Unable to remember how she got there, she grabs her clothes and sneaks out. She returns to her borrowed apartment and soon finds a marriage license in her purse and realizes she is wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring on her finger. 

Noah Bernard is a private investigator and a bounty hunter intent on solving his cousin Jess’s disappearance. Jess has gotten mixed up with a drug dealing, murdering criminal named Cesare Lucient and has gone missing. Noah has been working on a job for Lucient trying to get more information on Jess. Now he also has the mystery of the woman who just crawled out of his bed to solve, too. When he finds the receipt for the rings and wedding ceremony in his wallet, he makes finding the mystery woman his priority. 

Mindy and Noah both remember bits and pieces of a marriage ceremony in front of an Elvis impersonator. When it becomes clear they were both drugged, they both decide to solve the mystery. When Lucient takes an interest in Mindy, Noah knows he must protect her from the evil. He moves her in with him. 

I liked this one. The big, bad bounty hunter, ex-military, tough, dangerous and a little broken, and the sweet and trusting woman who’s been duped by one cheating, lying man and repeatedly bullied by her family to forgive and forget her ex’s transgressions. Mindy was tougher than anyone knew. I loved that her true character emerged and grew over the course of the story. She and Noah are attracted to each other and soon they can’t keep their hands off of each other. Soon neither one wants that divorce. 

Noah is determined to protect her, and Mindy is determined to help him solve the mystery of Jess’s disappearance and take Lucient down. Will they find Jess? Will they find happiness together?

My only (minor) complaint with this one was how neatly everything was tied up by the end, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Even the side characters got happy endings. Everybody had someone; everyone was happy. The totality of it was a little improbable. I do recommend the book, though. Nicole Snow is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. 

Donna Reads: Accidental Hero (Marriage Mistake) by Nicole Snow

Isabel Derby is an art teacher. One of her students is a child prodigy. Natalie Eden is ten and in the eighth grade. She’s sweet, and she’s special. Her father, Brent, is broody, handsome and protective. When Izzy is stalked by a creepy guy she dated only one time, Brent comes to her rescue. He tells the persistent jerk that Izzy is his fiancé.

There was a lot going on in this story.

1. Izzy’s family was obnoxious. They were all fussed and constantly harping on the fact that Izzy wasn’t married. That was ridiculous. She was 23, not 43.

2. Teachers and students’ families weren’t supposed to fraternize. Izzy was insistent that she and Brent couldn’t see each other because her job was everything.

3. Brent used to be part of an outlaw motorcycle gang and he was ex-Army. This was hinted at off and on, but it didn’t come into play until the end.

4. Brent’s younger brother, Davey had died a number of years earlier. This is a sore point for the hero, and he won’t discuss it.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. It rambled around a bit with several subplots, but it pulled itself together at the end. I liked the tough guy hero, especially when he fell for Izzy and let her in. They truly were a team by the end with Izzy as kickass and tough as she needed to be when they faced down real danger.