Why I Liked Keith Urban Better Than Def Leppard

Last night we saw Keith Urban live in Youngstown, Ohio at the Covelli Centre. This was our wedding anniversary trip. I bought the tickets almost two months ago, and I’d really looked forward to this last vacation outing before the snow flies.  Let me just say that the concert was awesome. He put on a phenomenal show, playing for nearly two hours with high energy and enthusiasm that showed clearly how much he loves what he does for a living.  

I had never seen him play live before although I’ve been a fan for about fifteen years. 

Much like the Def Leppard concert we saw early this summer, I’d wanted to see him but never got around to it. While I really enjoyed Def Leppard, I think I enjoyed Keith Urban more. Here’s why:

1. He played longer. He played for two hours vs Def Leppard’s ninety minutes. He played more songs – 21 to Def Leppard’s 16. 

2. Keith sounded better. He’s an awesome guitarist, and his voice is always reliable. He sounds incredible. Joe Elliott’s voice is hit or miss. He can no longer hit the high notes. He needs his bandmates to cover for him. 

3. The arena last night was smaller. Covelli Center is a more intimate setting – approximately 5,000 people instead of the 10,000 who were at the Lakeside Amphitheater. 

4. We were indoors in a relatively comfortable setting vs sitting outside in sweat-soaked ninety degree heat and humidity. 

5. The seats were closer. We looked Keith in the face and could see the whole stage instead of being off angle and only seeing part of the stage from the extreme left as we were at the Amphitheater. 

6. Keith’s banter with the audience was better. He talked more. He was entertaining. Joe Elliott is a bit stiffer, usually just announcing songs and not much more. 

7. Keith is more personable. He invited a girl and her mother up on stage. He gave another young girl a guitar he was playing. He stopped, autographed it and handed it to her. I loved that he ended the concert by acknowledging how much he appreciated everyone coming. He acknowledged the cost of tickets, the logistics and challenge of getting there, and he said he loved everyone for coming out. 

8. Keith sounded pretty much the same in person as he does on recording. Def Leppard did not. Their live show (the vocals) just sounded “off” at times. 

9. I enjoyed the opening acts more. At Def Leppard, I enjoyed REO Speedwagon but did not care for Tesla at all. Last night Brett Eldredge was very good, and Maren Morris was good, too. Keith brought Morris and Eldredge back on stage with him, too. 

10. The tickets cost less in Ohio. One Def Leppard ticket was the same price as two tickets at the Keith Urban concert. 

11. We were able to park right outside the arena last night. Yes, it was horrendously expensive, but it was convenient. We did not have to ride or wait for a shuttle bus for two hours. 

12. I think Keith was louder. I think that was the logistics. Inside vs outside. The fact that my ears were ringing afterwards was not necessarily a positive, but it does prove the acoustics were better. There was no distortion or loss of sound. 

13. His stage setup was better. Maybe it was our seats, but we could see the big screens better. We felt more like we were part of the show. He also set off confetti cannons at the end. That was fun. I have a pocketful of confetti to make me smile some day when I’m having a bad day. 

The only negative I can come up with was the fact that we had aisle seats. Being on the aisle, we had to stand up repeatedly to let people in the row come and go. I wanted to hit someone after a while. We were the fourth row up from the floor, three sections back from the stage so our seats were great. He was right there in front of us. 

Overall it was just a massively entertaining good time. We had a lot of fun, and I’m glad we went. I would recommend his show highly, and yes, I’d see him again if circumstances allowed. 

Pensive Squirrel

Here is Sera this morning.  She was eating sunflower seeds out of the bird feeder until I went outside with a bunch of peanuts.  She worked on one of those for a bit while I watched her.  When she finished, I stood there for a few minutes, talking to her, and she sat and listened.  She’s good at that.  It’s nice to have someone to use as a sounding board. That’s what friends do for each other.

1-25Sera1-25Sera-2I’ve been a little pensive myself lately.  I was sick for much of last week, and even I was surprised by how much that took out of me.  I thought since I was too sick to be around folks I’d have time to rest, relax and read.  I read nothing.  My mind was so fuzzy and befuddled, and my head hurt so much that I couldn’t read more than a sentence or two before it got too hard to concentrate. I didn’t get anywhere with my reading.  I slept a lot, stared at a lot of old re-runs on TV, read a few emails and attempted a few posts, but that was about it. I slept more than I have in ages.

I went back to work on Friday, and that wasn’t so bad.  I had a floating secretary at my desk some of the time while I was out (a first for my department!), and she did a great job.  There’s still a mountain of work to do, but a lot of that was there before I got sick.  I have a very busy job.

This morning I worked on getting acclimated to my new school and their online environment.  Everyone I have talked to over the last several months is extremely nice and helpful.  It’s interesting that they all have the same manner of speech and speech pattern.  I haven’t figured out yet if it’s school-specific – maybe there’s some sort of intensive training program they all go through – or if it’s Ohio-specific.  They are located in Columbus, Ohio.  Are people from Ohio nicer than people from New York?  (I don’t mean New York City – I’m from Upstate).  Some of the administrative people from my New York State school were a little clueless.  They could have used an intensive training program or a manual or something!  I think I had 4 or 5 different academic advisors in the 3 years I was there, and every time I called or emailed, I got someone different.  I am hoping the new school is better.  It is different. The way to request financial aid is different, and the way to order textbooks is different.  I do like the online portal so far.  It’s easier to navigate and find things.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this past week.  I was in one of those feeling sorry for myself moods, too.  I realized today that I hadn’t blogged in a couple of days (it kind-of slipped my mind), and I got to wondering whether anyone had even noticed.  I know most people have moments when they wonder if anyone cares, and I don’t mean just blogging.  If you’re quiet like I am, you tend to get overlooked and bypassed.  I don’t often speak up.

School the first time around was good for me.  It proved to me that I wasn’t too old to learn new things and that I’m smarter than I thought I was.  It showed me that I can be more than I am.  It helped my confidence grow, and it made me into a different person (even if it was just on the inside).  I wonder what school the second time around will bring? I am eager to face the challenge of a more advanced degree.  I know I can keep up. I just have to keep practicing speaking up.

For now, I’ll practice on Sera.  I don’t care what the neighbors think, and she seems content to sit and listen.

Wish I Had Known!

Onwards and upwards to a Bachelor’s degree is next for me.  At least that’s the plan. I’ve decided to continue on with my education.  I’m hoping to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Web Development online from a private college in Ohio. I was 98% registered and put it on hold so I could finish up my Associate’s degree.

Well, it turns out that I didn’t need to take that Math placement test before I could register for ANY courses at the new school.  I just need to have it out of the way before I take any further MATH classes.  Ugh!  I wish I’d known that.  If I’d known, I’d likely be starting classes again on Monday.  So I’ll now have a month (6 weeks) off.

I will likely start on February 17th if all goes well with Financial Aid (fingers crossed), and hopefully I’ll have that Math exam out of the way by then.  I’ve been taking practice Math tests, and while I don’t arrive at the answer in the same manner that they show in the examples, I do arrive at the correct answer. I took my first practice test this morning, and I got an 87%.  I had two answers wrong.  Not bad.

sydney1The weather is horrible here.  It’s snowing (we’re expecting maybe a foot of snow) and bitterly cold (15 degrees, feels like -6 degrees).  I’m glad I have today and tomorrow off, and I’m going nowhere.  It’s so cold here that my friend, Sydney, the mourning dove was waiting for me on the railing this morning.  I’m not sure where Sera has been – probably curled up in a ball in her den, sleeping and staying warm until the snow stops.

Stay warm, everyone!