Not Always Perfect

I was asked by my guitar teacher to pick a song and record myself playing bass and singing. She will then record herself playing guitar with me, and she’ll make a complete video to post on our musician’s Facebook page.

I picked one of my favorite songs – Arrows by the Foo Fighters. I chose to do the bass and singing separately. I can do them both together, but it takes a lot of patience and practice. On this one, for some reason I want to sing the sounds the bass is making! I’ll start out singing the words and end up mimicking what I’m playing. LOL.

I’ll spare you listening to my voice right now, but here’s one of my bass recordings. I stopped it early because I messed up.

Almost two years of bass lessons, I love playing. I regret not starting sooner in life. I guess better later than never is true here.

If my teacher’s finished video comes out okay and is shareable, I’ll share that when it’s ready.

Then you can decide if my additional vocal lessons are paying off or not!

Bass #5

Or is that #4? I sold my gothic Epiphone Thunderbird. I never really took to that one. It was heavy, cumbersome and it wasn’t balanced properly. The headstock kept diving towards the floor when I held it. I never played it.

This new one is another Schecter, my third one. It’s an Omen Extreme-4 in vintage sunburst. I love Schecter basses.

Unintentional Break

Around the time I stopped posting, I caught the flu. The doctor insisted it was the wrong time of year for the flu, but trust me, it was the flu. She called it a flu-like virus. I called it hell.

This is me at work when I was just coming down with it. I felt awful.

This is me the next morning. Fever and completely out of it.

Aches, pains, dry cough, headache, fever, hot and cold chills, night sweats, weakness, and no appetite. I missed an entire week of work. Even when I was on the mend, I would move and break out in a cold sweat. I changed clothes a couple of times per day and woke up at night drenched and had to change.

On the heels of the flu, my coworker quit so I’ve been pulling double duty at work for three weeks. Welcome back. You’ve been sick? Sorry. Do twice as much work, okay? It’s been a blast.

The best part has been I finally got the desk I wanted and should have had all along. When we moved to our new building, somebody downstairs wasn’t thinking. They set up the seat assignments and gave my coworker (who at the time of the move had only been with us for three months) the prime location. I got the crappy spot after almost nine years of service. She had a solo seat, the best assistant’s spot on the floor. I got to share with someone from a different planet… um, group, and my back was to the room. Not a nice spot. When my coworker announced her departure, I claimed her desk.

The weekend before the flu hit, I also got a new-to-me car. With winter just around the corner, I decided I didn’t want to deal with my sedan in the snow any longer. Winter driving terrifies me. I began to look through used cars in my area. Here is what I found:

I now have a 2015 Ford Edge Sport. I’ve never had a white car before. He’s tricoat platinum metallic – it’s that sickening egg white color I never liked, but it works on him. I liked the black wheels. It’s loaded, too. It parks itself, has lane assist, a twin turbo engine, heated and cooled seats, all wheel drive, the vista sunroof, remote start, it’s keyless, has the hands free lift gate, and lots of other nifty features. It’s a little overwhelming. I had to get a new parking spot assigned at work. He didn’t fit in the old one.

I also bought myself a new bass. I needed a pick me up after all that’s happened between the flu and work. It’s a Schecter Omen Extreme. It’s a pretty thing and sounds great.

So it’s been a month of changes for me. I have much to catch up on with my kitty posts. They’re coming. Dash has gotten so big! That’s him with the bass. He and Meg keep us smiling every day.