Donna Reads: The Spinster’s Guide to Scandalous Behavior (the Seduction Diaries #2) by Jennifer McQuiston

This novel was a departure from my normal contemporary or paranormal romances. I haven’t read any historical romances in quite some time, but when Deb at sent me a box of books and goodies, this one jumped out at me first.

This was a decent romance about an unconventional heroine and a grieving hero. Lucy is being forced into society with a grand season that she never wanted. She reads her late spinster aunt’s diaries and slips out to run away to the crumbling cottage in Cornwall that her aunt has left her. Reclusive Lord Branston has tried to purchase the cottage from her father, and Lucy has decided she must see the property first herself before she sells it to anyone. She is suspicious of Branston’s motives. When she meets him on the train to Cornwall, she is at first untrusting but then surprised to discover she actually likes him.

Lucy went back and forth and would get upset over something and not trust Thomas and then realize she was wrong and would like him even more. She was reading her aunt’s diaries the entire book, and she at first thought she wanted to be a spinster like her aunt, alone and independent. Then she realized that that life wasn’t for her, but she wasn’t sure what she really wanted, only that she didn’t want to get married. She got into some crazy situations, a few quite scandalous for her day. I skimmed a few parts, eager to get to the HEA. The scene just outside the ballroom was really a bit over the top, but overall, this was a decent read.