The Beauty of a Squirrel


She’s an arboreal acrobat

Spends most of her time in the treetops

Her daily presence makes us happy

Comes to visit and ask for peanuts

Her polite and unassuming way

Waits in the tree or on the railing

Her little paws, politely folded

Her shiny, black, inquisitive eyes

Watches the house with a hopeful gaze

Perks right up when we open the door

Always rewarded for her patience

Pleased It Wasn’t Sera

I’m not sure who the little guy with the tattered ear is, but he’s not Sera. Here she is on the railing tonight, asking for peanuts. Hubby opened the door to leave, and there she was, waiting patiently. I am so glad I get to spend time with her. Tonight Sydney was here, too (over Sera’s shoulder).





Squirrel at My Feet This Morning

Kitty’s at the vet for his test

Doctor called – good news for my son

Squirrel at my feet this morning

Felt good to sleep in and get rest

His breakfast, kitty could have none

Squirrel at my feet this morning

Son’s biopsies good; we are blessed

Hope kitty’s vet stay is fast one

Squirrel at my feet this morning

We all fasted, too, Chase’s stressed

Can’t wait until he’s home, and it’s done

Squirrel at my feet this morning

Sera4Inspired by Chase’s vet visit this morning. He had to fast after midnight, and he’s having his blood sugar tested all day long (every two hours). My younger son’s biopsy results are all good. Sera was glad to see me when I came back from the vet and brought her breakfast out and went inside to eat mine.