Prayers, Please

Ever sat in the car in a traffic jam and thought you couldn’t stand it a minute longer?

Try sitting there for eighteen (18) hours. I couldn’t do it. I’d have gone crazy by now.

My hubby is a trucker. He’s currently stuck outside of Tannersville, Pennsylvania on Interstate 80 about eight miles west of the New Jersey border. He’s been there EIGHTEEN hours, folks.

There are about 1500 trucks involved. All are stuck as a result of the big snowstorm we just had that blew through here (Rochester, NY) from late Thursday night until midday Friday. We got about a foot of snow in twelve hours.

That’s my car in the driveway.

Poor hubby ran into the same snow on the road in Pennsylvania midday Friday. There are accidents all around him, and the National Guard has been called in.

Please, pray that he moves soon. He says,

“I’ve got plenty of food plenty of water plenty of fuel I’m warm, playing video games.”

A Week in Review

I’ve been quiet on my blog again. I did try hard in October to post every day. I guess I’m just not destined to be a daily blogger. There are too many other things in life to experience. I did manage to keep up with others’ blogs even if my own sat idle. I decided I could take a break. 

I finally heard back from my doctor. My heart test results were all normal. My blood pressure reads are all down with the addition of a new medicine. I’m also down 8.5 pounds, and I’ve successfully tracked everything I’ve eaten and stayed within my calorie limit for 23 straight days. Baby steps but all positive steps forward. I feel better already. I had some more blood work done today. My doctor thanked me for taking such great care of myself. 

I’ve got a kindle full of books to read. There never seems to be time to fit reading in, too, no matter how much I want to read and do nothing else. I wish I could be a professional reader and get paid to read for a living. I’ve also been writing again, enjoying creating my own characters and stories. 

I’ve been listening to a lot of music this week. Shinedown is still my obsession, and I’ve been listening a lot to two of their albums, Amaryllis and the Sound of Madness

Here’s a few pictures I took this week. Our local Wegmans has the Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas cookie cutters out already (October 26th).

The very next day it snowed enough to coat my car. I woke up and snapped this picture. 

The same day it snowed I snapped a picture of the celosia in the planters downtown. 

And I’ll leave you with something from a new app that was suggested to me – mematic. 

Squirrelly Saturday

Look who was waiting for me when I got up this morning. Uh-oh. Someone knows I’m at the door. Hello, cutie. Better hurry up, my friend. Someone else found those goodies first – our friendly peanut thief. He likes to grab a snack on the fly.

March 3, 2015 Sunrise (and Friend)

Shooting the sun rise

From my front door step

Oops! Shot video

Okay, that works, too

Hear noise behind me

Pan the camera

It’s trash day – cans out

Look at all the snow

There’s my little friend

Waiting for some nuts

Right behind me now

Scurries up the tree

She waits patiently