Donna Reads: Deep (Stage Dive #4)

deepIn Deep (Stage Dive Series #4) by Kylie Scott, we finally get to hear Lizzy and Ben’s story. Lizzy is Anne’s little sister (Anne being the heroine from the second book in the series). Ben is the bass player in the band. Lizzy has been chasing Ben right from the start. Of the four guys in the fictional band, Stage Dive, Ben is the one that I liked the least. I was hoping for more from this story, hoping that Ben would somehow redeem himself and we’d see that there was more there lurking beneath the surface. Lizzy was great as the kid sister, but as the protagonist of the story, I think she also fell a little short.

It took me a while to review this book. One reason is because I was sad to see this series end. Another reason is that after I finished it, I put it aside and didn’t want to think about it again. I enjoyed the first three books a lot, and I’ve re-read them several times. This last book is not one that I’ve re-read. I don’t know why. Ben and Lizzy just didn’t appeal to me. I liked her better than I did him once the story got going. He remained a jerk as far as I could tell. They do get a happily ever after, but after the crappy way he treats her, I wondered why she was trying so hard to hang on to him. Maybe I should re-read it; maybe there’s something I missed here the first time. I was strangely dissatisfied with this book after loving the others.

Lizzy starts a texting relationship with Ben early on in the series. She chases him like crazy. Their texting was cute. They end up sleeping together at one point, and she gets pregnant from that one time. They then have to figure out what to do with their lives. He keeps wanting to party and does. He was an idiot. That was the basic premise of the book. Since it was the last book in the series, I was hoping that Ms. Scott would write more of an epilogue for the other characters. They were there, but since Ben and Lizzy were so one-dimensional I felt she should have had more of the others throughout their story. It would have made this a more satisfying conclusion for me.

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Donna Reads: Lead (Stage Dive Series #3)

leadLead (Stage Dive Series #3) by Kylie Scott tells the story of the lead singer and older brother in the fictional band Stage Dive. Jimmy Ferris is a mess. He’s recently out of rehab, and he doesn’t trust anyone nor does he let anyone get too close to him. He can’t be trusted on his own so the band and management have hired a sobriety companion/assistant for him. The only trouble is he goes through assistants like water. He fires them or they quit because he’s so difficult to work for and be around for twenty-four hours a day. Lena Morrissey is working as a temp administrative assistant for the band and is about to be let go for mouthing off to their crotchety manager. It’s suggested that Lena be paired up with Jimmy. Lena is a no-nonsense type of girl and she’s not having any of Jimmy’s nonsense. Being around someone as handsome, charismatic and troubled as Jimmy day in/day out is difficult for Lena. One minute she is fighting toe to toe with him, and the next she’s fiercely defending and protecting him. It’s not long before Lena has real feelings for Jimmy, and that’s something that Jimmy can’t handle.

Like the other two books in this series, this one kept me up reading all night long again. I was determined to get to the happy ending. This one was written differently than the other two books. Because Jimmy is such a mess, he is a harder character to get to know. It takes a long time for Lena to earn his trust, and even when his own feelings for Lena begin to grow, he still pushes her away. Jimmy doesn’t really know what love is. There were times in this book when Jimmy was a complete jerk and totally unlikable. I kept reading because I liked Lena so much. I’m really enjoying this series and will hate to see it end with book #4.

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Donna Reads: Play (Stage Dive #2)

playI’ve become addicted to the Stage Dive series of books by Kylie Scott. I think I’ve found a new type of hero; the tattooed, drinking, swearing, bad boy might not appeal to everyone, but I’m enjoying reading this series.

Ms. Scott’s first book in this series (Lick) introduced us to the four band members in the fictional band, Stage Dive. The guitarist, David, was featured in book #1. The lead singer is David’s brother, Jimmy. The drummer is David’s best friend, Mal, and the bass player is Ben.

In Play (Stage Dive book #2) Ms. Scott tells Mal’s story. I found Mal to be one of the nicer characters in the first book. Sure, he’s the typical drummer – a little wound-up and wild, but he was also the first band member to approach and befriend David’s surprise bride, Evelyn when David first brought her home. He was real, he was funny, and he was likable.

In Play, Mal has a secret. He’s even more wired than normal, and he’s not even telling his best friends and band mates what is really bothering him. In this installment, we also meet Anne Rollins. Anne lives in the apartment next door to Evelyn’s best friend and former roommate, Lauren. Anne comes home from work to find that her own roommate (someone who owed her a great deal of money) has moved out. Anne is in a desperate situation and unable to pay her rent. To cheer Anne up, Lauren invites her to a party at Evelyn and David’s condo. Anne has been a fan of the band for years and decides to go. At the party Anne meets Mal, and he overhears her talking on the phone, explaining what has happened with her roommate. Anne crushed on Mal for years, but their first conversation is nothing but bizarre and the party ends up being one of the strangest nights of her life. When she comes home from work the next day, she discovers she has a new roommate.

I enjoyed this book, and I enjoyed both lead characters. Mal is deeply troubled, and his acting out and antics hide his pain. Anne is a bit of a doormat, and she lets her friends take advantage of her. She has a history and a sad story of her own. Together these two characters find love and a way to help each other grow past the pain. I loved the interplay between Mal and Anne. Mal is hysterical, and Anne gives as good as she gets. I recommend this one.

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Donna Reads: Lick (Stage Dive #1)

lickIn Lick (Stage Dive #1) by Kylie Scott, I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures – a sexy romance. What’s not to like about a book starring a rock star as the hero? Who hasn’t fantasized about marrying someone famous?

In Lick, the story opens with our heroine, Evelyn Thomas, on a bathroom floor. She remembers going to Las Vegas for a 21st birthday celebration with her best girlfriend, Lauren. She remembers the shots of Tequila lined up on the bar. After that it’s a blur. She discovers that she’s been sick, and she’s not alone in the bathroom. There’s a handsome, long-haired, tattooed, shirtless stranger in the bathroom with her. She’s wearing a huge diamond ring on her finger. He tells her they were married the night before. She has no idea who he is, and she doesn’t remember any of it. She soon finds out that her new husband, David Ferris, is the lead guitarist of a wildly popular rock band called Stage Dive. To her mortification, he has her name tattooed on his forearm, and she has his name tattooed on her backside.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve read a book from cover to cover, and it kept me up until 4:00 a.m. doing so. Once I started this book, I could not put it down. I was so involved with the characters and the story line that I didn’t want it to end. David and Ev were like real people to me, and I find myself still thinking about them today. The story was realistic. Ev was naive but not stupid, and she struggles to fit into David’s world of glitz, glamour, paparazzi, and scandal. There is also more to David than meets the eye. Underneath it all, he’s a good guy at heart.

There were only a couple of minor things about the book that didn’t get explained or didn’t seem to make sense to me. The book is the first in a series of four, and I’m hoping that perhaps at least one of my questions will get answered in one of the next books. I know I will definitely be reading more by Kylie Scott. Please note that if sex scenes or graphic language bother you, don’t read this one. Otherwise, I highly recommend this book.