To All Those Women

To all those women who have full-time husbands and don’t really appreciate them, you can all go to hell. Yes, I know that’s abrupt and a bit nasty, but I don’t care. This post is aimed at women who don’t know how good they’ve got it. 

I’ve worked with women who whined because their husbands played golf or watched too much football or worked non-stop on the car or on the house. Their husbands were still there beside them every night, but they felt put upon because he had other interests besides them. Stupid ungrateful women.

My hubby was home for just over four hours today. Four HOURS. That was our “weekend”. He came in, we had lunch together, I did his laundry while he showered and took a nap. He watched the Preakness with me, he packed and left again. Yes, this was an unusual circumstance. There was some kind-of scheduling mix-up. This type of non-weekend doesn’t happen often. It still sucks. I’m still on the verge of tears. 
When we first began this trucking lifestyle seven years ago, some well-meaning women friends said how wonderful it would be to have the house/bed to myself and how they envied me. Stupid unthinking women. 

Being married to someone who spends their working life on the road is not easy. Days apart are hard. He’s just a voice on the phone. Some days he’s on the other side of the clock. He’s sleeping while I’m awake. Some days he can’t talk to me when I need him to, and I know there have been times when I’ve been unable to talk when he needs to hear my voice. 

Sometimes things break at home.

Sometimes I can’t sleep. 

Sometimes I cry. 

Sometimes I am not strong.

Sometimes he has a very bad day.

Sometimes he feels lonely.

Sometimes he’s tired and hurting.

Sometimes he needs a hug. 

To all those women who don’t appreciate what you have, you can kiss my behind. Being a trucker’s wife isn’t a situation I’d recommend. Most days I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s hard, it’s lonely, and it hurts. 

Being my husband’s wife is all I’ve ever wanted to be. He just happens to be a trucker. 

To all those women who have a 24/7 husband, appreciate what you have, and be grateful. 

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I Miss You

I miss you the most during the quiet times. When I lie awake at night, unable to sleep, I need you beside me. When I wake, scared from a bad dream or a thunder’s rumble, I need you to comfort me. When I am tired at the end of the day, I need you to talk with to review the day’s successes and failures. When I sit and eat my meals, it’s your face I need to see across the table from me, your eyes I need looking back at me. When I sit, reading, it’s your quiet presence I need nearby on the couch beside me. When I write or work on the computer, I need to know you’re under the same roof, safe and happy at home. When I struggle with decisions and responsibilities, it’s you I need with me to make the hard and the scary manageable. When I feel lost and alone, it’s your arms I need around me, your kiss I need to soothe me. I miss you the most during the quiet times.