It’s Today!

The Doctor was here early this morning. It’s TODAY!! I’m going home today!!!!

He said it might take several hours to process, but he thinks it will be before lunch/early afternoon. He said the other Doctor I saw yesterday was very optimistic in her report. I’m switching to pills today. No more IV.

Keep your fingers crossed that these sunset over Highland photos will be the last that I post. I’m going home, baby



Last Night

Yesterday’s sunset was glorious. I had errands to run on the way home. If I hadn’t been out late, I would’ve missed it. 

I stopped by Sally Beauty Supply for a recommendation on a shampoo and conditioner for my thinning hair. I highly recommend Ion’s Youth Restoration shampoo and their Repairing conditioner. The fragrance is wonderful. The shampoo smells a bit like baby shampoo. Youth restoration – I found myself wondering, ‘how far back are we going here?’. I warned hubby if I get any younger, he’s in trouble. 

I even got a free tote bag for buying three Ion products. 

I stopped next at the grocery store and picked up potatoes and squash. Then I grabbed some whole grain muffins for a work birthday breakfast. If I’m contributing, I’m bringing something I can have, too. 

Then I went to the pet store to pick up some more seed for our lovebird. My grocery store made the stupid decision to no longer carry caged bird supplies. They’ll feed the birds at the feeder but not the pet ones. Jerks. 

The sun was going down as I headed for home. I turned west, and there it was. Glorious.