Grumble Grumble Grumble

I am now running a Malware scan on my PC. I am posting this from my phone. All I tried to do was update Google Chrome when it asked me to. We grumble about the IT staff sometimes at work because they insist we use Internet Explorer exclusively. They tell us that Chrome adds things when it installs. They’re not wrong.

I ended up with something called muvic. According to

Muvic is a variant of Snap.Do and is a potentially unwanted web browser extension that is ad-supported and will display various popup and banner ads as well as modify the user’s web browser search and home page settings. This plugin will update Internet Explorer (as a BHO), Chrome (as an extension) and Firefox (as an add-in). In some cases, the program will monitor a user’s behavior (which the user agreed to if they did not read the full EULA) and will inject rival advertisements over existing one or just inject new ones all together. This toolbar is typically bundled by third party download managers/installers or through questionable online ads.

I knew something had happened when Chrome and Mozilla suddenly had ads on the home pages. Sigh. Thanks, Google. I will now try to get rid of this malware. When it’s gone, I will delete Chrome, too. Grumble grumble grumble.

On a positive note, I lost .4 pounds today. Not much, but that’s 2 pounds in two weeks!