Facebook And Why I Deleted My Account

I’m done with Facebook and here’s why:

  1. It’s run its course. I truly believe Facebook has become passé. It’s old and dated and a major waste of time. I used to spend hours every week scrolling through to see who posted what. Frankly, who cares what Sally had for lunch at an expensive restaurant?
  2. I never used it anymore. See reason number one. I hadn’t logged into it in months. I deleted the app from my phone to see if I’d miss it, and surprise, surprise, I didn’t even notice that it was gone. I found other things to do.
  3. The content was distressing. It had become far too political. If it wasn’t someone screaming insanely over bullshit governmental issues that don’t affect my day-to-day existence one iota, it was some jackass posting nightmare images of abused animals to get me to support their cause of the week. All my pets have been rescue pets. I’m sorry, but I can’t save them all. I don’t need that kind of crap to give me nightmares and keep me up at night.
  4. It makes people ugly. See reason number three. Fighting with family or friends on Facebook is such a childish thing to do. Fighting with or verbally attacking strangers online is somehow much worse to me. It brings out the ugly side of normally nice people.
  5. I wanted to get off of Facebook for privacy reasons. For the same reason I’ve deleted other online accounts (LinkedIn, Yahoo, Snapchat, Google+, Tumblr, CafeMom, About.me), I just don’t want my content out there everywhere anymore. Yahoo and now Facebook have major security issues, and I was sexually harassed on Snapchat (sorry former friend of mine, I don’t need your juvenile young son sending me images of his penis, and when I emailed you to politely tell you what he was doing, I didn’t even get an apology). While it was fun at first on Facebook connecting with old friends and making new ones, I feel much safer trying to limit who sees what.
  6. I remain semi-active for now on Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Instagram and WordPress. And that’s enough for me.


Image courtesy of Pinterest


Spending hours on the phone with tech support
Made me desperately want to resort
To tossing my iPhone across the room
Where the pieces and parts would go ka-boom
It would suddenly cancel in mid-sync
What did the Apple community think?
They suggest do a full system restore
I backed up and tried to do that and more
The sync was still stuck, the apps were all black
Couldn’t get full functionality back
Spending time with hubby’s road weary Droid
As I waited on hold and got annoyed
Made me wonder why I preferred Apple
My iPhone 4S had turned to crap-ple
It took two days to make it work again
iTunes had to be uninstalled and then
It got put back on and still did not work
I wanted to scream and rant, “you jerk!”
I stayed patient and worked on it non-stop
Built a new library on the desk top
It is working now after the rebuild
Told DO NOT SYNC by the Apple tech guild!